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Who owns Food Shed Co-op? We do! And you can, too!

Food Shed Co-op is community-owned. That means your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers OWN it! We are a group of dedicated volunteers who are working to open a full service grocery store in McHenry County, IL. Our store will be open to the public and will offer more LOCAL, more ORGANIC and HEALTHY, NATURAL FOODS. We are dedicated to supporting local farmers and producers. Our products will be fairly priced and both our vendors and our staff will be fairly paid. The Food Shed Co-op will contribute to a strong local economy and a more resilient community.

We don't have our store yet, but we are building the community support necessary to open our doors soon! Help us take back our food system by voting with your purchasing power, supporting local food and helping to provide healthier food choices to our community. JOIN today!

We are elated to announce that we have our first 500 owners and are entering Stage 2B! The search for a site for our store has begun! Read more about the stages in our development process in our FAQs and view them on our timeline.


Local Business, Food Shed Co-op, awarded $10,000 Grant from National Co-op Organization and starts location search

McHenry County, Illinois – Food Shed Co-op, a community-owned grocery store opening soon in McHenry County, has been awarded a $10,000 grant and consulting assistance from the Food Co-op Initiative (FCI) - a national non-profit organization devoted to helping food co-ops. “The public interest in food co-ops is at an all-time high,” reports FCI Executive Director Stuart Reid. “By owning and controlling their own cooperative store, communities are able to ensure stable access to healthy food, provide meaningful jobs, and support local producers. (show all)

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    Why become a Founding Owner now, instead of waiting for the store to open?

    Why become a Founding Owner now, instead of waiting for the store to open?

    We can’t move ahead without commitment from our owners. We need you to join BEFORE we open our community-owned grocery store.

    Our founding owners share the vision and have and demonstrated faith and confidence in our community’s ability to make this happen. Even without an actual store where you can shop (yet!), founding owners are willing to make a tangible investment in bringing this valuable asset to our community, and we thank you for that. To recognize the important role our founding owners play in the development of the Food Shed Co-op, their names will be forever noted on a plaque in the store.