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  • Founding Owner

    Two shares of common stock
  • 14 Carrot Founding Owner

    Three shares of common stock
  • 18 Carrot Founding Owner

    Four shares of common stock
  • 24 Carrot Founding Owner

    Five shares of common stock
  • Cornucopia Founding Owner

    Ten shares of common stock

Please Note: You are buying equity in a member owned cooperative and this fee is not tax deductible. Purchasing stock in the cooperative is subject to the same risks inherent in any business enterprise. The Cooperative will buy back stock at the original price, less reasonable processing fees, if the Board determines this is possible per the terms of the bylaws.

At the Food Shed Co-op we believe that everyone deserves access to healthy, high quality food and products. To that end we have created a Financial Assistance Fund that is available to qualified applicants. Please fill out the Online Form or email us at

Need to sign up for our Payment Plan? Select Founding Owner above and you will have that option.