Let’s Declare Our Independence!


With the 4th of July just a few days away, we’ve been reflecting on our freedom and independence. Parades, fireworks, and celebrations are lots of fun, but what does independence have to do with a food co-op?

Every day, we watch the corporations dominating our food system grow larger. As they make decisions that maximize their own profits, we pay the price as our health, the well being of our communities, and the sustainability of our planet suffer. But we don’t have to feel overwhelmed in the face of corporate giants. Food cooperatives across the county are proving that communities can join together and create their own independent grocery stores, where products are sourced locally, profits are reinvested in the community, and owners have a voice in how their store does business.

Hundreds of local families have joined together to declare their independence from the corporations that are trying to control the food industry. And you can too, as an owner of Food Shed Co-op! Join us as an owner of a grocery store that has your interests and your community’s needs in mind.


Owner Kimberly Hayes wants encourage everyone to jump onboard and help us reach the 600 owner mark as fast as we can. She’s donating gift baskets from Modere for the next five people who join Food Shed as owners. Own your co-op now and enjoy some fantastic earth-friendly personal care products.


Give back with your co-op as we collect supplies for the PADS Compassion for Campers program. Our team of volunteers will drop off supplies when they serve lunch at PADS on July 24 and August 28. PADS’ wish list includes: canned goods with pop off lids, batteries, socks, body wipes, bug spray, deodorant, nail trimmers, protein bars, instant coffee, toilet paper (individually wrapped), neutral colored tarps.

Donations can be dropped off to our booth at the Woodstock Farmers Market (third Saturday of each month). Thanks for your generosity and helping us give back to our community!

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BIG News & Thank YOUs

Have you seen the amazing video coverage of our Picnic on the Prairie event from McHenry County Living? It is worth watching for the adorable goat antics alone!

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A location, coming soon to Food Shed Co-op!

You read that right, the Food Shed Co-op has just reached a major milestone. We now have 500 owners! This means we are entering Stage 2B on our development timeline and are actively looking for a site for our community-owned grocery store. Many thanks go out to all our owners that have bought shares, have volunteered and helped spread the word. 

Please note: 500 is a milestone; it is not the end of the road! We still need more owners, so please continue to spread the word about our community-owned grocery store.

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