Volunteer Training

Food Shed Co-op 101

What is a food co-op? Heck, I don’t even know what “co-op” stands for . . .

Step 1: Watch What's to love about food co-ops?

Step 2: Read Food Shed Co-op’s Mission Page.

Extra Credit: Why a Co-op? (UK version).

Congratulations! You are now qualified to provide a semi-coherent co-op explanation to your family and friends!

Food Shed Co-op 201

Alright, co-op’s sound pretty cool - are you telling me a food co-op is coming to McHenry County? I’m gonna need some more deets ASAP . . .

Step 1: Watch most recent Food Shed Co-op Info and Updates Webinar.

Step 2: Read the Food Shed Co-op’s FAQ Page.

Extra Credit: Like the Food Shed Co-op on Facebook; Watch Starting a Food Co-op; Watch a Food Shed Event.

Congratulations! You’ve nailed the basics! You now have the foundation to start training to become a volunteer . . .

Food Shed Co-op 301

Yep, the Food Shed Co-op is the best thing since sliced bread (organic, locally grown/milled/baked bread of course). I need to make sure this place opens its doors as soon as friggin’ possible. Give me some marching orders!

Step 1: Register as a volunteer.

Step 2: Watch Volunteer Training Webinar.

Step 3: Volunteer! Either sign up to table at an event or send an email to Outreach@foodshed.coop for other opportunities.

Step 4: Launch into project discussed with Outreach and/or keep signing up for events!
Extra Credit: Watch Food for Change documentary (Want to have a group showing? Contact Outreach@foodshed.coop to coordinate a free public screening.)
Congratulations! You did it! You are now an active member of the Food Shed Co-op community! Time to make it rain.

Food Shed Co-op 401

I’ve told every human being in the Northern Hemisphere about the Food Shed Co-op and have started dreaming in co-op language - what now?

Step 1: Connect with your friendly neighborhood Food Shed Co-op Volunteer Coordinator to discuss how you can get more involved.

Step 2: Read the Food Shed Co-op Bylaws.

Extra Credit: OK, we both know you didn’t really read those Bylaws, so score some extra credit points by . . . you guessed it . . . reading the Food Shed Co-op Bylaws!

Food Shed Co-op Doctorate Curriculum coming soon! (Well, maybe not - but I like your enthusiasm, Doc! For additional food co-op self-study resources, check out http://www.foodcoopinitiative.coop/resources)