a community-owned GROCERY STORE
coming soon to MCHENRY COUNTY

Imagine a grocery store that...

  • Sells fresh food from local farmers
  • Keeps profits in the local community
  • Clearly labels its products
  • Has healthy, natural food and meals for your family
  • Educates our community about healthy living
  • Gives back to the community

The Food Shed Co-op will offer more LOCAL, more ORGANIC and HEALTHY NATURAL FOODS! Products will be fairly priced and both our vendors and staff will be fairly paid.

1880 OWNERS and growing

Who owns the Food Shed Co-op?

We do! And you can too! The Food Shed Co-op is community-owned. Be the change you want to see, help us take back our food system by voting with your purchasing power, supporting local food and helping to provide healthier food choices to our community.

With strong community support, we are planning to open as soon as possible on land the Food Shed Co-op purchased! The grocery store will be located on the corner of RT 14 and Lake Shore Drive in southwest Woodstock, Illinois. The store will be located near McHenry County College, just a few minutes north of Crystal Lake. See our FAQ for more information!


Our mission is to build a LOCAL food COOPERATIVE promoting a HEALTHY, ETHICAL and RESILIENT COMMUNITY.

Core Values

  • Promote and foster better food choices
  • Cultivate and strengthen our local economy
  • Inspire and empower community
  • Champion environmentally responsible practices

Take back
our local
food system!

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