2017 Board Nominees

The Food Shed Co-op has seven board seats open for election at our next owner meeting Sept 18, 2017, more info on the owner meeting at this link

Here are the nominees:


Kim Brix - Current Board Bio

"I have been active as a board member since the Food Shed incorporated in 2014. If elected I will continue to work hard leading the store operations committee which includes working with consultants on store design, searching for a general manager and developing relationships with local vendors and farmers. I was happy in my last term to provide leadership in creating a pathway to ownership for individuals and families that otherwise can not afford to buy shares in our Co-op. I will improve my skills as a board member by continuing to attend weekend workshops, seminars and consulting with other co-ops to understand what it will take to open a store in our community. It is an exciting time as we enter the final stretch and I ask for your vote so I can continue the momentum I have helped build to make the Food Shed Co-op a reality for all of us."


Scott Brix - Current Board Bio

"As one of the first owners of the Food Shed Co-op I have also enjoyed serving on the board,  first as Treasurer and more recently as President. It has been an interesting journey so far and quite an education as we learn how to make a community owned grocery store a reality for McHenry County. On top of everything else that any project like this entails, the grocery industry, and in fact all of retail, is changing every day before our eyes. The store we need today is looking much different than the store we envisioned when we started this back in 2013. If elected, I am committed to staying on top of the rapidly changing grocery market to ensure we build the store we need and one that will last. My goal is to continue as President of the board and provide leadership to maximize the gifts each director has to offer. It is also critical, when we face adversity, that we all remain motivated and on task. As President I will work hard to fulfill that objective. For most of 2017 I have been active in our search for a site which has not been easy. I will continue this work until we succeed and secure the perfect location for our store. I request your vote so that I can see this community project through until we cross the finish line which is now in sight."


Elizabeth Jiménez-Bure - Current Board Bio


Doug Close - Current Board Bio


Robert Levin

Why are you interested in serving on the Board of Directors? I'm willing to spend time, now, to improve the lot of McHenry County residents and I see a food co-op as a useful tool in providing for the health and well being of it's citizens.

What experience, education, and skills do you have that you feel will contribute to your effectiveness as a Director? I have spent my life running (and being run by) a local family business and I know that a local business is more than just running a store and making money. One has to be involved with the community in every aspect of its life.

As well as owning/ running an independant business for over 35 years, I have also served on many government/community boards -- School board, township trustee, Marengo education committee, planning committee, McHenry County Community Development Block Grant commision , McHenry County Defenders and McHenry County Citizens for Choice, to name a few.

It also happens that may years ago (1980's!) I helped run a local Marengo food co-op for a small group of friends for a few years.


Open Seat

Open Seat


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