2018 Board Candidates

Our 2018 Food Shed Co-op Board Candidates

Martie Gorman

When Martie Gorman retired after 35 years of full time teaching, she had the time and opportunity to have fun volunteering for causes and organizations that serve our community or preserve our environment. This led her to become an ESL tutor in conjunction with MCC, a volunteer for animal assisted programs at Main Stay Therapeutic Farm, and as a board member for the McHenry County Conservation Foundation. After she became an owner with the Food Shed Co-op, volunteering at events allowed her to meet many like-minded residents who feel local and sustainably sourced food is important and necessary. When the chance came to be more centrally involved with the Food Shed Co-op, she gladly focused her energies to help open the first community owned grocery store in McHenry County!

Rusty Foszcz

Because he LOVES to eat, Rusty Foszcz is interested in getting local food from the fields to the table quickly and organically. What’s important is to do this in a cost-effective way that makes prices competitive with larger chain grocery stores. McHenry County is rich with local farmers raising foods without pesticides – safe, organic, and delicious. Restaurants like Duke’s Ale House in Crystal Lake are already serving these foods – Rusty believes we need to offer them to everyone in a Food Shed Coop grocery store!

Foszcz is a retired Information Technology consultant that taught Computer Information Systems classes at McHenry County College for many years. During that time he also worked extensively with several non-profit organizations in McHenry County. He noticed that most (if any) had access to quality technical support. After a leave of absence at MCC, he decided to open his own network consulting firm that catered exclusively to non-profit organizations – offering them consistent, quality, and most importantly, affordable technical and network support. Charging clients on a sliding-scale (depending on their budget size) gave the NPOs access to valuable technical expertise at a price the organization could easily afford.

After training and mentoring a younger consultant to take over his business, he retired in December, 2016. He now spends his time volunteering with non-profits both in active and board member roles.


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