5 Peas - Volunteer Certification

Get the training you need to become more involved in Food Shed Co-op by participating in our volunteer certification program. Read through the peas, then scroll to the bottom of the page to begin your certification.

Pea One = Watch the most recent Info and Updates Webinar on our YouTube channel.

Pea Two = Watch the most recent Volunteer Training Webinar on our YouTube channel or have attended a live volunteer training workshop.

Pea Three = Sign the Volunteer Agreement

Pea Four = Successfully complete multiple tasks and/or help with several event and be considered a volunteer expert. This will be validated by a board member or volunteer leader. To qualify for Pea Four, volunteers must also be FSC owners.


Pea Five = Take your participation to the next level by becoming a volunteer leader. Contact us if you have earned the first four peas and would like to learn more about leadership opportunities.

Get started now, earn (or let us know that you've already done the work to earn) your first three peas today! 

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