Owner Profile: Bonnie Rudolph

An interview with Food Shed Co-op owner #358 Bonnie Rudolph. 

To say Bonnie is a productive member of her community would be the understatement of the century. It isn't every day that Food Shed Co-op receives a member into our ranks that is, well, a true inspiration. Bonnie and her husband, John, were inspired to join our cooperative by a trip to the Wedge Community Co-op in Minneapolis. They have always been environmentally conscious. Joining the Food Shed gave them an opportunity to bring that consciousness into their everyday lives with the food they buy and the daily choices they make at the grocery store. Read a little more about Food Shed Co-op founding owners the Rudolphs.

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Local Businesses Support Our Co-op: An Interview with Winged Horse Healing

An interview with Food Shed Co-op owner #60 Pam Sourelis, owner of Winged Horse Healing.

Pam Sourelis, of Woodstock, is a professional Reiki practitioner, Animal Communicator, practitioner of Neuromuscular Retraining for animals, teacher, and writer, who has been assisting animals and their humans (both in person and from a distance) for 16 years. You can learn more about her work at WingedHorseHealing.com. You can also find Winged Horse Healing on Facebook.  

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Your cooperation required: Food Choices

Is our tendency to "dietary shrinkage" trying to tell us something?

By Leslie A. Cook, vegetatingwithleslie.org

Do you believe that intuition is a valuable tool for anticipating events? I do! And I think that sometimes intuition works beyond our personal lives. Before you start to think that I'm getting into fortune-telling or something, let me explain.

Have you ever anticipated a trend? I have, and I suspect a lot of you have as well! So maybe there were "hints" in the environment or in the culture, and we didn't even realize we were picking up information that fed our intuition.

What if intuition turns out to be an early warning system of sorts? Let's look at the example of our changing food culture...

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Trifecta of Food Shed Ownership

Food Shed Co-op: It's about farmers, consumers, community

Interview by Sue Rekenthaler

To say our roots run deep in this community would be an understatement. My husband and I have farmed a small Certified Naturally Grown* farm in Richmond, for over 18 years. This farm has been in my husband's family since 1923. We want to see our money kept close to home, and being farmers in this community, we want to be a part of a business that makes that a priority. A thriving economic base makes for a thriving community, and the Food Shed Co-op will allow us to keep our tax dollars in the community.

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