A location, coming soon to Food Shed Co-op!

You read that right, the Food Shed Co-op has just reached a major milestone. We now have 500 owners! This means we are entering Stage 2B on our development timeline and are actively looking for a site for our community-owned grocery store. Many thanks go out to all our owners that have bought shares, have volunteered and helped spread the word. 

Please note: 500 is a milestone; it is not the end of the road! We still need more owners, so please continue to spread the word about our community-owned grocery store.


Not an owner yet? JOIN today!

If you haven't yet joined, April is a great time to do just that. All new owners who sign up in April will be entered in a drawing to win a healing package of three Reiki sessions (valued at $240) from Food Shed Co-op owner #60, Pam Sourelis of Winged Horse Healing. The sessions will be held at Blue Lotus Temple and Mediation Center in Woodstock, IL.
"...I’m tired of chasing around to find clean, wholesome food. And I’m tired of never being sure of where it came from or how fresh it is or how the farm workers were treated. I am absolutely thrilled that our very own food co-op will be opening soon--for the food, yes, and for the convenience, but also for the community we are building, a community rooted in the commitment to the health and well-being of its members, and to the health and well-being of our neighbors and our shared land and water and air. We have the opportunity to create something amazing together." - Food Shed Co-op owner #60, Pam Sourelis

Have questions? It’s easy to get answers to your questions about the co-op!


Come out and see us!

04/22, 6:30-8:30pm, Earth Day Food For Change Screening
Join us for movie night; we will be screening Food For Change for FREE on Earth Day! Learn about the cooperative movement and our community-owned grocery store.

05/01, 11am-3pmPicnic on the Prairie
We're having a party! This will be a family-friendly event featuring live music, goats for petting, a nature scavenger hunt and more.

05/06, 6-8pmFirst Fridays at Crystal Lake Brewing

Volunteers will have information about the co-op, as well as merchandise and ownerships.

05/14, 10am-NoonCoffee and Conversation

Volunteers will have information about the co-op, as well as merchandise and ownerships.

*We need volunteers to help out at events. Follow the links above for full event details and to sign up to volunteer.

In Cooperation,
Your Food Shed Co-op Board of Directors

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