August 2015 Newsletter

Who are we? We are regular folks in the community, just like you!
Our mission is to build a LOCAL Food COOPERATIVE promoting a HEALTHY, ETHICAL and RESILIENT COMMUNITY.

We own a grocery store and you can too! JOIN today. If you are an owner, Thank You, please continue to spread the word. Become an owner by September 30, 2015 and you will be able to attend our annual owner meeting at the McHenry County College Auditorium that evening! 

What does it mean to be an owner? Simply put, you OWN a grocery store!That’s right, our store is COMMUNITY-OWNED. That means we own it, not some corporate giant, and more of the dollars spent at our store will go back into our local economy.  
-- What do you want to see on the shelves of YOUR grocery store? Become an owner and you’ll be a part of making those decisions!
-- How do you want to see YOUR grocery store run? Become and owner and you’ll be part of that process! 
-- Owners have a VOICE. Owners can serve on and vote for the board of directors. Owners have a say in shaping the vision, values and mission of this cooperatively owned business.
-- Owners will share in the profits of the store via patronage refunds and get exclusive in-store benefits . 
Food Shed Co-op is YOUR store! JOIN today and be a part of GROWING our community-owned grocery store!

Where can you find us? Summer is nearly over and it looks like Autumn will be another exciting season for Food Shed Co-op! 
Volunteers will be on-hand at these events to answer questions and sign up new owners. You can also pick up a Food Shed hoodie, t-shirt, decal and/or tote bag to show off your co-op pride! 

09/19, 8am-1pm Woodstock Farmers Market
09/20, 10am-5pm Woodstock Harvest Fest
Follow links for complete information and to volunteer to help out at an event.
What’s next? As of today we have 345 owners. Our next milestone is at 500 owners, which will put us in the next phase of our development and get us closer to opening the doors of our community-owned grocery store. See our timeline.

How can you get involved? It takes a community to build a co-op, do your part today.
-- Become an owner, or if you already are (thank you!) tell everyone you know why you're an owner and ask that they join you.
-- Invite Food Shed Co-op to present at your office, church, home, business, festival, class, book club, garden club, wine club...we're happy to come to just about anywhere. Email opportunities to [email protected]
-- Volunteer! Help spread the word at our events or walk with us at the McHenry County Heart Walk. Learn more about volunteering or RSVP to work at an event.

In Cooperation,
Your Food Shed Co-op Board of Directors

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