Become an Owner

Important Information About Ownership:

  • A share purchase is a one-time only purchase ($100 per share / two share minimum or $200 minimum investment)
  • Once you're an owner you are an owner for life - with no additional costs for those shares
  • An owner may purchase up to 10 shares in total ($1000 investment) - but an owner with 2 shares has NO LESS say in the conducting of co-op business than the person owning 10 shares. Additional money invested in the cooperative only shows how much faith you have in a sustainable future for our planet and eating healthy, local food, and keeping as many dollars as we can circulating in McHenry County rather than filling the pockets of the executives at Kroger or other large-conglomerate grocery chains
  • YOU MUST BE A RESIDENT OF IL or WI AND at least 18 years old to become a Food Shed Owner!

NOTICE: Additional COMMON SHARES can be purchased HERE


Founding Owner

Two shares of common stock

Founding Owner Monthly Payments


Two shares of common stock*

*Monthly payment plan is set up in 10 installments of $21.00/month, which includes a $10 administrative fee.

Founding Owner Financial Assistance

Two shares of common stock*

*Upon application approval and receipt of initial $30 payment plan installment

14 Carrot Founding Owner

Three shares of common stock

18 Carrot Founding Owner

Four shares of common stock

24 Carrot Founding Owner

Five shares of common stock

Cornucopia Founding Owner

Ten shares of common stock

Please Note: You are buying equity in a member owned cooperative and this fee is not tax deductible. Tax deductible donations can be made on our Donate Page. Purchasing stock in the cooperative is subject to the same risks inherent in any business enterprise. The Cooperative will buy back stock at the original price, less reasonable processing fees, if the Board determines this is possible per the terms of the bylaws.