Coming Soon: Spring 2023 Community Investment Campaign (CIC)

Store Front and CIC Investment Logo

To secure the Food Shed Co-op's future, we will soon open up another investment opportunity for all owners, including those that are new to the Food Shed Co-op family! This INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY is open to all owners that are able to invest more or could not participate in our earlier (very successful!) campaign that has taken us to groundbreaking.

One of the key principles in community owned food cooperatives is owner economic participation. We are asking all our owners to help if you are financially able. Project costs have increased since our original CIC campaign because of rising inflation and rising interest rates on commercial debt. We are facing an almost 10% project funding gap ($500,000) that will insure we can operate our co-op for the first three years in case our sales are lower than forecasted as we get started.

CLICK HERE to see WHY your fellow owners invested in the original CIC campaign - and why we need YOU now!

Please have a look at the two different ways you can help build our community owned grocery store. Put your money to work locally to make our community a better place to live! Click on each investment option to discover which is best for you. 

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Complete our online PLEDGE FORM to let us know your investment preferences. We will contact you right away to discuss your participation in the Food Shed Co-op Community Investment Campaign. 


For our newer owners, we held our original Community Investment Campaign Launch Party back on Sunday, August 15, 2021. There were over 150 owners and potential-owners in attendance! Click on one of the audio links below to hear any of the day's speakers.

Crystal Lake Mayor, Haig Haleblian  |  MCC President, Dr. Clint Gabbard  |  Food Shed CIC Manager, Lou Ness