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The Food Shed Co-op conducted a very successful Community Investment Campaign (capital campaign) between August 15th - November 30, 2021. The campaign generated almost $1.75 million the goal set by our board of directors in early 2021. Since every dollar invested or donated by the community reduces our dependence on commercial lenders we are still gladly accepting investments and donations. Your donations are most helpful since they are not repaid. Your investments are mutually beneficial since you get paid back with potential dividends and/or interest at a higher rate that banks pay. And, the co-op pays less for your investment dollars than commercial lenders charge for their dollars. Please have a look at the different ways you can help build our community owned grocery store by putting your money to work locally to make our community a better place to live.

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The Community Investment Campaign Launch Party was a huge success on Sunday, August 15, with over 150 owners and potential-owners in attendance! If you missed the party, here are audio links to several of the day's speakers.

Crystal Lake Mayor, Haig Haleblian  |  MCC President, Dr. Clint Gabbard  |  Food Shed CIC Manager, Lou Ness