We own it! We fund it! Bridge the Gap!

In 2021 our Community Investment Campaign successfully raised nearly $1.7 M and although those funds allow us to begin construction, rising inflation and interest rates mean that it’s not enough to finish the project. We find ourselves with a small funding gap of $485,000. 

Funding this $485,000 gap by August 31, 2023 means that our construction timeline remains unchanged and that our co-op has the financial foundation required for success. We’ve been waiting a long time for the Food Shed Co-op to open. No one wants to think about the possibility of construction delays!

We Own it. We Fund it.

Take a moment to explore two distinct ways you can help fund the gap Preferred Shares and Owner Loans. Click on each investment option below to learn more and decide which option works best for you!

CLICK HERE to see WHY your fellow owners invested in the original CIC campaign - and why we need YOU now!

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