CIC Status Update December, 2021


If you missed the Sunday, November 21, 2021 all owner's Update Meeting for the Community Investment Campaign (CIC) - what follows is a summary of the online event. (Full meeting video is linked below.)

Doug Close (board treasurer and CIC Coordinator) led the discussion with additional commentary from Scott Brix (vice-president and CIC Communications Director) and Rusty Foszcz (board president). Doug summarized the CIC campaign to date and reminded new owners on the call about the logistics of the campaign:

  1. The timeline for opening the store (GROW, FUND, BUILD)
  2. Another milestone hit: 1300 owners and growing!
  3. Thank you to the callers and entire CIC team
  4. Incredible communications throughout the campaign using every kind of contact
  5. Successful investment MATCH opportunities
  6. Types of CIC investments (preferred shares, loans, and donations)


The Community Investment Campaign (CIC) officially ended on November 30, 2021. The Food Shed Co-op raised over $1,700,000 in owner loans, preferred share investments and donations - leaving the co-op only $48,000 short of its original goal! As a result, the board of directors made a decision to move forward on the project timeline from the FUNDing stage to the BUILDing stage. An architect has been hired and construction is scheduled to begin sometime in 2022!

While the CIC has ended, the Food Shed board is pursuing all avenues of additional funding to reach the original goal - and exceed the goal as much as possible. Every dollar the co-op can raise from its owners or the community is valuable and reduces dependency on commercial lenders who charge more fo their money. If you are inspired by our project and our progress, the Food Shed is still able and eager to accept your investments and donations. The co-op is also interested in cooperating with other area businesses that share our values and may have the capacity to invest or donate. Contact us if you know of a business or organization that might be interested in working with the Food Shed Co-op to strengthen our community and invest in our future!

Remember: The CIC team WELCOMES owner input, comments, and suggestions - this is YOUR store! 

Click to see the FULL MEETING VIDEO after completing your owner login. (Oh, and BTW - your heads not on crooked - no idea why the video is a little skewed!)