Claire Hodge (2022-2024)

Claire Hodge is a part-time organic vegetable farmer and owner of Sunfleck Farm, and full-time mom and home-maker. She also serves on the board of the Environmental Defenders of McHenry County. Since resettling in McHenry Co with her family, she's invigorated by the growth of the local food movement and environmental efforts this community continues to support. Claire has farmed and researched local food systems for 10 years, and earned a M.S. in Sustainable Agriculture. 

Having been a member of both rural and urban food co-ops, she knows the impact co-ops have on their communities-- through supporting local food entrepreneurs and farmers, empowering members to make decisions and share their values, providing healthy food options, and by simply being present and welcoming. Claire joined the board to share her knowledge and enthusiasm, to encourage local support, and to help bring this co-op’s vision of an ethical food community to fruition.