Eight Great Reasons

To join the co-op today, from owner Matthew Zastrow.


I am an owner because I want....

  1. super awesome tasty, local, nutritious, responsibly-grown foods.
  2. to support local businesses so they can continue to add value to the community.
  3. to support a business that provides economic opportunities for local farmers. It can be hard for farmers to spend an entire day at a market instead of working in the fields. This store provides a less time-consuming method for farmers to reach customers.
  4. to support a business that will provide an outlet for customers to come and purchase foods and items that are normally only available through farmer's markets. Customers have busy lives and sometimes they can't make it to the farmer's markets - this provides them with another opportunity.
  5. an opportunity to join in and contribute! I am happy to have the opportunity to share my ideas and concerns to make sure the Food Shed Co-op moves in a responsible direction.
  6. to meet others who have similar interests of improving their health through diet and lifestyle changes! People who love local foods are often very awesome people. It is great to get together with great people and to work on something great together!
  7. a place for potential seminars, presentations, demos, displays, etc - think food demos, cooking classes, presentations - co-ops always seem to be great locations for these things.
  8. to support the food revolution that is taking place - we need to change our current food production and distribution methods, and I feel that a co-op is a step in the right direction - think of the co-op as a flag standing for a more responsible food future that supports the individuals and community. As long as there are co-ops, there is hope for humans to live in harmony with our environment.

Do you want these things too? Follow Matthew's lead! Take an active role in reshaping our local economy and food system. Become an owner today! (And if you are already an owner, please share this message and help spread the word!)

How can you find out more? Come out to the Let It GROW holiday party at Crystal Lake Brewing tomorrow, Thursday, December 10th. There will be local food, local brew, live music and great company! Get to know the co-op community, pick up a co-op t-shirt, hoodie, tote or window decal (they make great gifts!) and bid on awesome items in our silent auction. RSVP and get your tickets today!

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