December 2014 Newsletter


There are only a few days left in 2014 and your opportunity to be in the Food Shed Co-op Class of '14 Founding Owners and help reach our goal of 215 by 2015. Click here to be in the Class of '14. For those owners already in the Food Shed Co-op Class of '14, Thank You!

Now on to our 2015 Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

1) Thank everyone for all their support and hard work in 2014. What an amazing year!

2) Continue our exponential owner growth – we have just launched our new online signup process to make it even easier to sign up new owners. Still a few days left to help us go over 200 owners by 2015!

3) Engage and leverage our volunteers better – we are holding our first Volunteer Workshop onSaturday, January 24thsign up to attend today and help us build our team in 2015.

4) Find new and unique ways to engage our communities – learn more about our partnership with Shape Woodstock and attend upcoming workshops.

5) Throw more parties, celebrate our success and give back to the community! – Our December Holiday party was a huge hit and we collected\donated 550 lbs of canned goods to local food pantries! We are now planning our birthday party in April 2015.

6) Educate our communities about grocery store cooperatives, local food and healthier food choices - Come out to one of our public movie showings of "Food for Change" and bring friends and neighbors, it is Free!

7) Communicate our mission more effectively to our communities - Learn more about our mission on our website.

8) Network with more local organizations and businesses - If you have a personal connection to a local organization with a similar mission as ours please let us know by contacting Camden at [email protected]

9) Build our relationships with local government - Contact us at [email protected] if you can assist

10) Solicit and gather feedback from our owners and the community - Meet with us at Conscious Cup on Jan 10th and we will be posting more opportunities to meet board members soon on our events page

Don't wait for a scheduled event, we want to hear from you! Call us or email us, we want your comments, suggestions, etc.  

Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

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