Tax-deductible Donation to FSC

Tax-deductible donations to the Food Shed Co-op can be made through our fiscal agent, CDSUS. If you have any questions or need clarification on any type of donation please contact [email protected].

Donations made through our fiscal sponsor CDSUS are completely tax-deductible to the donor. The Food Shed is allowed to use these donations for any reason - EXCEPT for costs directly attributed to brick-and-mortar costs (e.g., building construction costs or land purchases). This is the most flexible way to donate and is preferred by the co-op! Make your donation through CDSUS by one of the following means:

Donate by Check through CDSUS (TAX-DEDUCTIBLE)

Make checks payable to: Cooperative Development Fund of CDS
Mail to:                                       Food Shed Co-op
                                                                                 PO BOX 1663
                                                                                 Woodstock, IL 60098

Donate online via CDSUS at (TAX-DEDUCTIBLE)

Monthly or Single Donation
Easily and securely make your donation online through the giveMN website.

Direct Donation to Food Shed Co-op

Donations can also be made DIRECTLY to the Food Shed Co-op, however these donations ARE NOT tax-deductible.

Because cooperatives are not non-profits, donations made by selecting this option ARE NOT tax-deductible. However, these donations DO help to open the grocery store doors! Click the link below or (preferably) you can send a check to save PayPal processing costs. 



                        Make checks payable to: Food Shed Co-op (Note: Your donation will not be tax-deductible)
                        Mail to:    Food Shed Co-op
                                             PO BOX 1663
                                             Woodstock, IL 60098

Tax-deductible donations to the Food Shed Co-op must be made through our fiscal sponsor, Cooperative Development Fund of CDS. The Fund meets the requirements for a charitable and educational institution within 501(c)3 federal guidelines and demonstrates compliance by filing annual financial statements (Form 990) with the IRS. The Tax ID of the Cooperative Development Fund of CDS is 39-1540529 seen HERE.

Note: donations directly to the co-op or CDSUS are not the same as ownership! Charitable gifts DO NOT extend the rights of ownership and therefore no shares, voting rights, owner discounts or any other owner-related benefits are available to the donor.

All donations of $200 and above will be recognized in writing by the Cooperative Development Fund. The Fund will send a written letter of acknowledgment on behalf of the Food Shed Co-op; donors will need such letters for their records should they seek to deduct their gift on their tax returns. Donors of less than $200 will NOT receive a letter, but these donations can be proven by showing a cancelled check or a receipt sent after an online donation.

Donations cannot be returned. Charitable donations made directly to the Food Shed Co-op or on our behalf to the “Cooperative Development Fund of CDS” cannot be returned once made. If the board determines the project is no longer feasible, our fiscal agent will use the donated funds to support the wise use of cooperative approaches through education and development.

Use of funds. The mission of the Cooperative Development Fund is to support the wise use of cooperative approaches through education and development. As explained above, donations will be used to facilitate the development of our cooperative. Permitted uses include professional fees, supplies, inventory, employee payroll and benefits, building renovations and furnishings, etc., related to project development. The Food Shed Co-op cannot use these funds for actual building supplies, land purchase, or direct construction costs.

Fees associated with charitable donations. Because of the amount of paperwork and back-office work involved in tracking, acknowledging, and releasing funds to cooperatives, there are fees associated with any charitable donation made through our fiscal agent. These fees however serve double-duty since any fees ALSO support the CDS non-profit arm that ultimately allows your charitable donation.

  • For charitable contributions, an administrative fee will be assessed at the rate of 10% of the first $75,000 in contributions; a marginal rate of 8% for contributions in excess of $75,000 but less than $125,000; a marginal rate of 6% on all contributions in excess of an aggregated $125,000.
  • For public or foundation grants an administrative fee of 10% of the first $5000 of grant funds plus 5% of funds awarded in excess of $5000.