Elizabeth Jiménez-Bure - Secretary (2020-2022)

Day Jobs: Artist and Elementary art teacher, Mom

Why I volunteered for the Board:

We live in a region with rich soil, and hundreds of farmers within a few miles of our doorsteps, yet the contents of most grocery carts have likely traveled further in the past year than the consumer purchasing the goods.

There is a healthier, more sustainable way, and now’s the time to make lasting, changes in our food systems.The food grown by local farmers supports our local economies, promotes greater variety with better flavor and nutrition, and nourishes rather than depletes the land. I’m no saint, and I’m not giving up my coffee and chocolate anytime soon, but I’d like to find a balance that doesn’t weigh on my conscience.

I want to know the name of the farmers who grew most of the food I’m feeding my family. While farmers’ markets are great for many months of the year, we need a year round plan to support our farmers and improve the health of our community.

Enter: Food Shed, and so many co-ops like it. This is an incredibly positive movement that is sweeping the nation.

The Pleasant Surprise: The people I’ve met through the Food Shed are a remarkably talented, creative, optimistic, and thoughtful group. I didn’t join the Food Shed to meet life-long friends, but that’s what’s happened.

My Goal: I’d like to help other people see the positive changes we can make when we join together with a common goal. What seems overwhelming as an individual is not just possible, but joyful when we unite and work together.