Emily Duthorn – Volunteer Coordinator

Emily Duthorn’s involvement with the Food Shed Co-op is rooted in a passion for the environment and support of local farmers and food artisans who respect the land and their animals, as well as honor their customers wishes for transparency and healthy ingredients.

Learning about the negative environmental impacts of Big Ag and CAFOs, plastic packaging, and the carbon footprint from food transportation, made her more conscious about the choices she made when she shopped for groceries. She felt it was important to “vote with her fork” to influence a more sustainable food industry and support the local economy.

When she learned about the Food Shed Co-op, she knew that becoming an owner was a step in the right direction to help ensure truly sustainable food options and support local farms and businesses. It’s been wonderful to meet other people in the community who share the same values. As Volunteer Coordinator, she hopes to encourage Food Shed owners to actively participate in sharing our vision and getting the community support we need to get our doors open! When we all work together we will be the change we want to see!