Employer Matching Gifts

Did you know...
  • Matching gifts are one of the top five motivations for workplace donors?

  • Or that 84% of employees say they are more likely to donate if a match is offered?

  • 1 in 3 say that their gift would be larger if it were matched?

Why bring this up? Because the Food Shed Co-op has the ability to accept tax-deductible donations – and your company may just offer a MATCHING GIFT opportunity!

Through a collaboration with the Cooperative Development Fund of CDS as our fiscal agent, the Food Shed Co-op can accept tax-deductible donations for any purpose EXCEPT for a brick-and-mortar cost. That means that your tax-deductible donation can be used for co-op salaries, co-op inventory, marketing expenses, and much, much more.

And – if your employer offers a MATCHING GIFT program your donation dollars can double or even triple depending on your company’s matching program! Matching gifts are a great way to support YOUR community-owned grocery store! These tax-deductible dollars will help sustain the co-op during the Community Investment Campaign and allow it to pay for budgeted items without having to depend on conventional loans, owner loans or preferred share dollars! It’s a WIN-WIN. You get a tax write-off, your employer gets a write-off, and the Food Shed Co-op has the working capital it needs to be successful!

The Food Shed is committed to community engagement and community support as evident in our Mission and Values. The Matching Gift opportunity is a way for you AND your employer to support the community, make healthy food choices available, support local business, and ensure a sustainable future for McHenry County.

For more information about the Cooperative Development Fund of CDS, visit the Food Shed’s DONATION page HERE!

If you are unsure whether your company offers a match, please check with your human resources department.

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