Local Matters!


Have you noticed that a lot of grocers out there are starting to label some of their food as local? Customers are demanding more local food because they know that buying local keeps money in their community and ensures they are getting more fresh, high-quality food for their families. 

Or does it?

To promote sales, stores are quick to label their food in response to customer demand . But while lots of traditional grocers feature a few local products, a closer look often reveals that their definition of ”local” actually means “regional” or isn’t defined at all! So that local zucchini you’re eyeing in your grocery store might actually be from a few counties (or states!) away.

No other grocery model provides access to local food as well or as efficiently as a food co-op. Compared to traditional grocers, co-ops source more than three times as many of the products they sell from local farmers and food artisans. Food Shed Co-op will provide year-round access to TRULY local, sustainable food with transparent labelling so that you can make informed decisions about what you buy. We predict that from the moment we open our doors, our store will offer products from 30 to 50 local food producers, and our local offerings will only grow from there.

As a co-op, we rely on like-minded community members like YOU who are interested in bringing this type of grocery store to McHenry County.   Our store is a powerful  vision that almost 600 owners have committed to making a reality. People who become owners BEFORE the store opens are truly special because they are the visionaries who ensure that our co-op will become a reality. 

We need more of these visionaries to step up to bring a different type of business to our community! For a ONE-time investment of $200 or beginning installment plan of $21 per month, you can be one of the visionary owners who makes our store open sooner rather than later.



Annual Meeting - Owners Only!

Jump on board as an owner this month so you can join us for our annual meeting at McHenry County College on September 18th! As an owner, you’ll be able to vote for the board members who represent you, and on important amendments to our bylaws. You’ll also enjoy socializing with other owners and hearing important updates about our future plans and site search.


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