Greta Taylor - Outreach Coordinator

Greta has been a practicing vegan for 3+ years now. She became attune with her body when she began practicing yoga while studying Ecology, Evolution and Behavioral Biology at Beloit College from 2014-2018. It was then that her mind-body connection was sparked and she realized her diet needed changing. Grabbing the bull by its horns, she did as any radicalized, eco-conscious, dirty footed young adult would do, and she started her own garden. Since then, Greta has enjoyed practicing and teaching yoga, tending to both her indoor and outdoor plants and connecting with the natural world in intimately sacred ways. Greta believes that everyone deserves access to fresh, healthy and pure foods. She also believes that we must rely less on large corporate stores and more on our local farms and neighbors. She is extremely excited to find a sense of community as she continues with the FSC and looks forward to meeting all those involved!