Give the gift that gives back

Forget the jelly-of-the-month can give a gift that truly keeps on giving this year! A Food Shed Co-op ownership lasts for life and is an investment in your health, family, and community.
Why is Food Shed Co-op ownership a better present? 
1. More affordable - $200 makes you an owner for life. No upgrades, add-ons, or expansions needed.
2. Your money goes back to you - All Food Shed Co-op dollars go directly back to the co-op, not into a corporate pyramid with millionaires on top. This means every dollar you contribute comes right back to you in the form of healthy, local, sustainable food and strong, supported neighborhoods.
3. Community involvement - Your ownership will allow our co-op to bring healthy food to our schools, fresh produce to our nursing homes, or budget meal recipes to our college students. Just look what another co-op, Dill Pickle, is doing to bring safe, healthy food to cafeterias in Chicago.
4. People before profits - Nothing speaks more to the spirit of the holidays (and food co-ops!) than focusing on people instead of profits. Check out what REI co-op did on Black Friday to support their employees and keep the focus on people. 
5. Environmental responsibility - A co-op ownership has no plastic packaging, doesn't need to be shipped, and actually works to rebuild our environment. Outpost Natural Foods co-op, for example, captures 46,000 gallons of rain water each time it rains. They employ a Sustainability Manager...and with your help, we can too! That's one role you won't find in your conventional grocery store!
Children - Our new child ownership option allows your kiddos to become active members of the Feed Shed Co-op! Imagine a garden full of kids planting seeds, learning how to grow their own food, and eating their that would be a holiday miracle!
Family Members - Our new dedication option allows you to honor your loved ones and acknowledge those who've made a difference in your life. Return the love by purchasing an ownership in his or her name. 
Friends, Coworkers, and Beyond - A Food Shed ownership is a gift of life and wellness. Everyone can benefit from a longer, healthier, happier life!
You - If you've checked all the names off your holiday list, why not give yourself the gift of ownership? If you're already an owner, consider purchasing additional shares - you can now own up to 10!
Your gift will help Food Shed Co-op reach our goal of 500 owners by the end of 2015. When we reach that goal, we'll enter the next phase in on the development timeline, Phase 2B, which includes...drum roll please...selecting a site for our community-owned grocery store! ​
Please consider giving the gift of ownership this holiday season. Your family, friends, community, and health will thank you for years to come. 

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