You'll love the LOVE Diet: Locally Sourced, Organically Grown, Vegetable-Based, Ecologically Natural

Food Shed Crumbs (for thought)
By Don Wilkin, Ph.D.

If I get my way, the Foodshed Co-op will offer the healthiest diet in the world, the LOVE* Diet.  The LOVE* Diet is . . .

Locally sourced. Little shipping and few carbon emissions are involved. The food is fresher, tastes better and is healthier. It promotes the local food economy which makes food more dependably available and less costly at the local level.

Organically grown. LOVE* food is artificial-chemical-free. Soils are richer after harvesting than before the crop was grown and the local watershed is less contaminated with agricultural chemicals. Less water was consumed in its production because of organic matter incorporated into the soil.  This makes rainfall more effective. A variety of beneficial insects is also promoted that control crop pests.    

Vegetable based. LOVE* diets highlight vegetables, fruits, and whole-grains. All promote cardiovascular health. Animal products, in moderation, serve primarily as seasonings, accents, and condiments for taste. On occasion, animal products can play a more central role in traditional festive meals.

Ecologically natural. LOVE* foods are grown from locally adapted heritage seeds and stocks. They are not genetically engineered or modified.  They don’t produce their own pesticides or herbicides. They are not “refined” to smithereens, or contaminated with taste enhancers, preservatives, or artificial colors. They are, in a word, whole, minimally processed foods. 

Keep your eyes peeled for products labelled LOVE* on our shelves after we open. You’ll know you are buying the healthiest food possible for your family as well as for the planet.          

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