Lucasville Fruit Orchard

Lucasville Fruit Orchard is a small family owned and operated orchard since 1993 with just over 50 trees.  We have 13 different varieties of apples, four varieties of European pears, two types of asian pears, two peach trees, concord grapes, paw paws, and a sour cherry.  We also have a nice sized garden that produces more than we can consume, so at any given time we usually have rhubarb, asparagus, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, and beans for sale.  We are working hard on a website so customers can read about each fruit variety and stay informed.  In 2021 we are planting more varieties of hot peppers, expanding the garden to include a dedicated root vegetable space, and planting two new peach trees from seeds we saved from last year's fruit.  
It is important to note that we are not a U Pick orchard.  We do all the hard work and customers can just enjoy the literal fruits of our labor. Because we are a family operated (my mother, my husband, myself, and our twin 11 yr old boys) and we live on the property, we would like to transition from customers stopping by here as my parents had it, to customers buying our produce at another location.  The Food Shed would help greatly with this transition.  It also means a lot to us that we can help provide to the area. Being army veterans we moved around a lot and were lucky to be stationed all around the world but never were able to be very involved.  But now we can put down roots and really be involved with our community because this is our forever home.
Until the website is up, people can find us on Facebook:  
or email at [email protected].