2019 April Newsletter

After the rain, comes the sun! After the showers, come the flowers! So, shake off your umbrella, put the spring back in your step, and join the Food Shed Co-op TODAY because we have exciting news just around the corner!

If you've been on the fence about becoming an owner, NOW is the time to jump off and dive in. The Food Shed Co-op's success is determined by YOU, our community members. We need to significantly increase our owner base to move forward with our plans to open OUR grocery store.

Are YOU in?

Important Owner-ONLY Meeting! May 16th | May 22nd

  • PROPOSED SITE LOCATION meetings at McHenry County College
  • Choose your date: Thursday May 16th @7pm or Wednesday May 22nd @7pm
  • Not an Owner? Want to come to this important meeting?
  • You must become an Owner first! BECOME AN OWNER TODAY!
  • You'll get the inside scoop on our proposed location and timeline to open our doors and make OUR store a reality!

Owner Info Sessions

  • Have questions about becoming a Food Shed Co-op owner?
  • Want to learn more about the Food Shed's location status and timeline?
  • Curious about how to get more involved and help open our store?
  • Stay tuned for dates and locations, where we'll answer all your questions!

Business Partnership Program | Owner Benefits Program

Through the years, we've partnered with many wonderful businesses and organizations who align with our mission and values, and who have donated their products and services to help us with our outreach efforts. We've returned the favor by promoting their goods and services to our community.

Our community LOVES to know about like-minded local businesses! So, we're following in the footsteps of co-op communities across the nation by making our partnerships OFFICIAL!

The Food Shed Co-op has a SIZEABLE audience who are eager to hear about your events, products, and services!  

  • Facebook: 3100+ Likes & Followers!
  • Instagram: 660+ Followers!
  • Twitter: 850+ Followers!
  • Email Subscribers: 1800+

Tentative Program Features:

  • Food Shed Co-op Supporter/Owner window signs for brick and mortar businesses
  • Offer Food Shed Co-op owners a 10%-15% discount on select products or services
  • Your business promoted to our LARGE engaged audience!

Interested in the Food Shed Co-op Business Partnership Program? First, take a look at our Cross-Promotion Policy to see if you qualify and then email Barbara, our Community Relations & Marketing Manager: barbara@foodshed.coop

Volunteer & Paid Positions Announced Soon!

As the Food Shed speeds up towards landing our site, we'll need some passionate and skilled people to join us to help us cross that finish line!

If you haven't done it yet, NOW is the time to fill out the quick Volunteer Registration form on our website so we can contact you based on your skill set and interests when the time comes - and that will be soon!

Full job descriptions are coming soon:

  • Capital Campaign Fundraising Director (Paid position)
  • Volunteer Manager (Volunteer position)
  • Administrative (Data Entry & Owner Processing: Volunteer position)
  • Film & Video enthusiasts/Amateur Film Directors & Wanna-be Actors (Volunteer position: sense of humor a must!) 

Thank You & Keep It Up!

Thank you to a NEW wave of volunteers who are ENERGIZED and EXCITED to help our mission!

Follow their lead! Become a Food Shed Co-op Volunteer Today! Free T-shirt & Fun included in each volunteer sign-up!

  • Barbara Hackel
  • Bill Brennan
  • Carina Vowels
  • Carol Alfus
  • Cecilia Carman
  • Cindy Germata
  • Emily Duthorn
  • Jennifer Thurber
  • Pam Witte
  • Rich & Terry Yunker
  • Ruth Raubertas
  • Thea Johnson

Attention Artists & Graphic Designers! 

As we move into our next stages of development, we're making some improvements - including our yard signs. We've seen some snazzy signs and catch-phrases from other successful co-ops and with your help we're hoping to incorporate these ideas into a redesigned sign!

Designs will be voted on by our owners, and the talented winner will receive a $50 Gift Card to Reprographics Art Supplies in Crystal Lake. Email us to let us know if you're interested, and stay tuned for additional details.


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Who Will Be 650?

Owner 650, we can't wait to meet ya!

Many of you are already on board with our vision of a community-owned grocery store.

  • You've completed surveys
  • You've supported us at community events
  • You've told others about us
  • You've donated
  • You've volunteered
  • 649 of you OWN IT and, most importantly, YOU GET IT!

You know that it takes a WHOLE community to come together to have more control over our local food system. You are the proud owners and supporters, considered the early adopters who have faith in our movement before our physical doors have even opened!

You also know that it takes at least 800 of us to get to our next stage: officially securing our location.

So, who's our next proud owner? Who will be the next to get us that much closer to making our well-planned, strategic dream a full-fledged reality?

Will it be you?

If you're already an owner, great! But, don't forget we offer Gift Ownership for your special someone! Make it extra special for their 65th birthday or June 5th b-day or anniversary by giving the gift of the 650th owner of the Food Shed Co-op.

The first to sign up as owner 650 will get two FREE tickets ($30 value) to the upcoming Inspired Living Expo on April 6th and 7th! You won't want to miss this exciting expo, with more than 95 booths displaying various positive health & wellness, holistic, animal, and environmental products and services. The expo will also feature demonstrations, presentations, lectures, live music, and a free showing of the film Heal.

Keep in mind, we also offer a Monthly Payment Plan for just $21/month and a Financial Assistance Fund for those who want to be owners but need a little help.

Please visit our website for more details.

Conversations Continue


Hang in there, grasshoppers, we are still in talks with McHenry County College, with a meeting scheduled in March to further discuss our partnership possibilities! In the meantime, stay patient and engaged in our community - we are GROWING strong, with new and exciting updates and events on the horizon! (Did we mention Goat Yoga?)


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New Year + New Faces + Hopeful New Spaces!

An Exciting Year in Review!

We've had an exciting year here at the Food Shed, from Goat Yoga sessions to successful fundraisers, winning contests, fabulous outreach events, fun-filled co-op community nights and parties, the addition of more than three dozen new owners to our community, the start of a great relationship with McHenry County College, and an amazing year-end holiday celebration!



Thank You

The Food Shed community is made up of many socially-conscious owners, local businesses, supporters and volunteers who've generously given their time and donations throughout the past year. Here are a few highlights of our community's generosity in 2018:

  • More than 500 pounds of food donated to food pantries all over McHenry County, thanks to holiday party attendees’ donations and local farms who donated to the Empty Bowls fundraiser at MCC!
  • Our $200 Founding Owner holiday party winner donated her prize back to the Food Shed Co-op!
  • Dozens of Food Shed owners and supporters volunteered their time at more than 35 outreach events, including helping nonprofit organizations like McHenry County PADS (Public Action to Deliver Shelter), committee meetings, board meetings, and administrative work (thank you Pam for your newsletter proofreading and copyediting!)
  • More than 400 Food Shed community owners and supporters took the time to complete our important Store Vision Survey!
  • More than 50 Food Shed owners & local business supporters donated local food, products, and services multiple times and made our special events even more special!

All of you made this past year memorable, while paving the way for new developments in 2019!


Let's keep the momentum going in this new year by continuing to tell our friends and neighbors about the Food Shed Co-op. Let them know the benefits of building our community-owned grocery store -  a store that's sure to be full of great local food, smiling faces, and many years of meaningful experiences!


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