September 2015 Newsletter

School is back in, Labor Day has past and someone somewhere said we're "not supposed to wear white pants" for the remainder of the year. All of that means that summer has ended. The end of summer certainly doesn't mean that we are slowing down! In fact, this coming weekend is will be our busiest of the year!
RIGHT NOW is a GREAT time to become an owner! Why? Because September 30th is our Annual Owner Meeting!
Cooperatives are participatory enterprises and the annual meeting is the place for you to get involved. JOIN today and, as an owner, you will have the chance to participate in our Annual Owner Meeting. Owners will cast votes for our board of directors, give feedback on progress and next steps and have a voice in defining the values that will guide our cooperative for years to come. The Food Shed Co-op truly is YOUR store! JOIN today and be a part of GROWING our community-owned grocery store!

Where can you find us? So many places...
Volunteers will be on-hand at all of these events to answer your questions. Events are a wonderful way for you to learn more about our cooperative. You can become an owner and purchase Food Shed Co-op merchandise at many of these events! 
09/19, 8am-1pm Woodstock Farmers Market
09/20, 10am-5pm Woodstock Harvest Fest
09/30, 6:30pm-8:30pm Annual Owner Meeting at McHenry County College
Follow links for complete information and to volunteer to help out at an event.
What’s next? As of today we have 352 owners. Our next milestone is at 500 owners. 500 is not the total number of owners we need to open our community-owned grocery store. 500 is the number of owners we need to reach the next stage in our development, Stage 2B, which includes such long-anticipated activities as beginning site selection work! See our timeline to learn more about Stage 2B.

Want to get more involved? It takes the support of the community to build a co-op! Demonstrate your support by getting involved today.
-- Become an owner, or if you already are (thank you!) tell everyone you know why you're an owner and ask that they join you.
-- Invite Food Shed Co-op to present at your office, church, home, business, festival, class, book club, garden club, wine club...we're happy to come to just about anywhere. Email opportunities to [email protected]
-- Volunteer! Help spread the word at our events or walk with us at the McHenry County Heart Walk. Learn more about volunteering or RSVP to work at an event.


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