Store Design

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An inspirational flip-book from co-op enthusiast, Jon Steinman...

Designing Your Co-op

What is store design? Your co-op won’t beam in to our plot of land from a corporate office far away. Our co-op will be built for us and our community - to reflect our needs, our culture and our dreams for our store. The choices that make up our co-op, from the look and feel, to the building materials, to the sandwiches on the shelves, will be created just for us.

We’re working hard - General Manager, Construction Project Manager, architectal firm DDCA, and your Food Shed Board of Directors - to design our store. Stay tuned here to watch our co-op come to life!

How you can help

Besides giving your input on what you would like to see in our store you can still participate in the Community Investment Campaign . Although the campaign has officially ended - we are still $48,000 away from our total goal. And even though we're a little shy - we hope to implement your ideas when we build OUR store. As owners and members of the community it was on us to raise a portion of the construction budget in order to keep financing costs low. The Food Shed Co-op continues to sell preferred shares of stock and  will accept owner loans. This money is less costly than borrowing money from conventional lenders. AND - you stand to make more $$$ by investing in the Co-op than by leaving your money in the bank. This is a win-win proposition for you and for the Co-op. Click here to access a lot of great information about the Community Investment Campaign. Remember - you can still contribute to the campaign!  PLEDGE TODAY!

What will it be?

Hundreds of folks shared their dreams for our co-op. This is what we hope to build together.