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Designing Your Co-op

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How you can help

Besides giving your input on what you would like to see in our store you can participate in the Community Investment Campaign until October 15, 2021. The best made plans can't be implemented and our store can be built if we don't have a successful capital campaign. As owners and members of the community it’s on us to raise a portion of the construction budget in order to keep financing costs low. The Food Shed Co-op is selling preferred shares of stock and  accepting loans from owners which is less costly than borrowing money from conventional lenders. On the other hand you stand to make more by investing in the Co-op than by leaving your money in the bank. A win-win proposition for you and for the Co-op. Click here to access a lot of great information about our Community Investment Campaign. And hurry, the campaign ends on October 15, 2021.  PLEDGE TODAY!

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What will it be?

Hundred of folks shared their dreams for our co-op. This is what we hope to build together.