Tell it! (don’t sell it)

The Food Shed Co-op Owner’s Toolkit

Welcome Owners! Before we can open the doors of our community owned grocery store in Woodstock - we need to build our Food Shed Co-op community. To be successful, we need to educate the community and address these questions:

  • What is Food Shed Co-op?
  • What is a cooperative?
  • How can I participate?
  • What’s in it for me?
  • What’s in it for the community?

One of the MOST POWERFUL ways we can do this is through our Owners. We ask you to share your story and invite like-minded people who relate to that story to become Owners. Together, we can grow our community and reach the 1200 Owners we need to open the doors of our grocery store by the Fall of 2022!

Tell it! online in an email, a Facebook update, a Tweet or by posting a photo to Instagram.

Tell it! in person (virtually or strictly adhering to CDC guidelines) by throwing a virtual Zoom party, having a one-on-one conversation about Food Shed, volunteering at a Food Shed event or even hosting an event of your own (once it is safe to do so)!

Click the links below for some great ideas and additional info:

Tell it! with Email

Tell it! with Social Media

Tell it! with Pictures - Download "official" Food Shed Co-op artwork in the form of Badges, Posters and Fliers

Tell it! One-on-One

Tell it! as an Event Host

Tell it! as a Volunteer

DOWNLOAD the TELL IT! Tip Sheet!