Tell it! as an Event Host

TELL IT! (don’t sell it)

To grow our ownership and open our community owned grocery store, we ask you to share your story and invite like-minded folks who relate to our values:

  • Promote and foster better food choices
  • Cultivate and strengthen our local economy
  • Inspire and empower community
  • Champion environmentally responsible practices

There are many ways to Tell it! - online in an email, a Facebook update, a Tweet or by posting a photo to Instagram.

In these days of a pandemic however, how about considering a virtual in person "party" online using Zoom! We can help you set it up and make a guest appearance to give a quick presentation and answer questions.

Here are some core messaging ideas in two simple steps

Step 1: Fill in the blank: My co-op is ____ because

Step 2: Write 3 ending statements: 

My co-op is ____ 

because A: ____

because B: ____

because C: ____

Example: My co-op is the real change we need

  • because it supports local farmers!
  • because it supports local farmers and is owned by the community!
  • because it supports local farmers, is owned by the community, and will provide the foundation for local resilience initiatives!

Host a House Party, a Lunch and Learn or have a Coffee Shop Conversation

Our friends at Green Top Grocery in Bloomington created a fantastic house party program and were kind enough to share it with us. The Owner Hosted Event Toolkit has everything you need to make hosting a Food Shed Co-op event easy and convenient. Our aim is to take as much off the host's shoulders as we can! We won't clean your house, book a conference room at your office or help pick out out the outfit you'll wear (though we do always recommend wearing Food Shed Co-op t-shirt). But from invites, to menus, to FAQs and thank you notes, the toolkit has got you covered. 

Fill out the Food Shed Co-op Party Interest form to get started planning your party.

If you have ideas for other events or places where we can educate the community, please let us know. Members of the board are willing to come and speak at neighborhood associations, service clubs, churches, synagogues, non-for-profits, you name it! Email [email protected] with your ideas.