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Tell it! with a custom graphic!

If you send us a photo along with a brief quote stating why you became an owner (send to: [email protected]) we'll create a custom graphic JUST FOR YOU to share on your social media feeds!

But what if I...

  • don't have a photo? Visit us at any event and we'll take one!
  • already let someone at FSC take your picture? Email us a quote!
  • already gave us a quote and let us take a photo? Then we're already making your graphic. Keep an eye on Food Shed Co-op's Facebook page and be sure to tag yourself and share the post when you see it!

Tell it! with Facebook

  • Like Food Shed Co-op's page
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  • Use the #foodshedcoop hashtag so our social media crew (and everyone else in our Food Shed Co-op community) can find and like your posts
  • Share the posts below. Use them verbatim, or let them jump start your creativity and write a post of your own!
  • See above, get your own custom "OWN it" graphic and share it everywhere!

Sample Facebook Posts to copy and paste:

In case you haven't heard, I'm helping to open a grocery store! This store is currently owned by me, {TAG: all your friends who are also FSC owners here}, and over 300 other awesome people in our community! YOU can be an owner of a LOCAL, HEALTHY, RESILIENT, SUSTAINABLE, COMMUNITY-OWNED grocery store, too! Join us in helping to change our world, one community at a time. To become an owner costs only $200, one time, for life. There is a payment plan available, too! This will get you a VOTE, a VOICE, a DISCOUNT, and PATRONAGE DIVIDENDS. Consider joining these incredible people today and become a FOUNDING owner of {TAG: Food Shed Co-op}! Go to our website for more information and to RSVP or volunteer for events. Thank you! #foodshedcoop

I'm a proud founding Owner of Food Shed Co-op, a community-owned grocery store opening soon to McHenry County. Become an owner too and help promote a healthy, ethical and resilient community in our county. GROW our community-owned grocery store, JOIN today! #foodshedcoop

Can you envision a community-owned grocery store committed to providing local food and job opportunities to you and your neighbors? I can! If you can too, join me and become a founding owner of Food Shed Co-op. Help make our vision a reality. JOIN today and GROW our community-owned grocery store! #foodshedcoop

GROW the local foodshed with me! The Food Shed Co-op is a community-owned grocery store opening soon in McHenry County. JOIN me and become a founding owner today. #foodshedcoop

Do you dream about a grocery store in our community that offers more local products, more organic options and healthy, natural foods? I do! And there are many others who share the dream. We are working together to make the dream a reality with Food Shed Co-op. JOIN today and GROW our community-owned grocery store! #foodshedcoop

Tell it! on Twitter

  • Follow us
  • Retweet our tweets to your followers
  • Use the #foodshedcoop hashtag or mention @foodshedcoop in you post so our social media crew (and everyone else in our Food Shed Co-op community) can find, favorite and retweet your posts
  • Tweet about Food Shed. Use the posts below verbatim, or get creative and compose your own tweets about Food Shed!
  • See above, get your own custom "OWN it" graphic and share it everywhere!

Sample Tweets to copy and paste:

Do you care about locally-produced food? Jobs that pay a living wage? Get involved with @FoodShedCoop

I'm an owner of @FoodShedCoop, McHenry County's new cooperative, sustainable grocery store. Join me!

Practice good living with 7 billion other human beings on Earth, become a @FoodShedCoop Owner today!

Take back the local food system with me! Become a Founding Owner of @FoodShedCoop

Learn more about McHenry County's exciting local food project @FoodShedCoop at

JOIN @FoodShedCoop and GROW a community-owned grocery store for McHenry County! #foodshedcoop

Tell it! with Instagram

  • Follow us and like our posts
  • Post one of our badges
  • Better yet, come see us at an event, take some photos and post them
  • Show your co-op pride by taking and posting photos of yourself wearing or posing with your Food Shed gear
  • Be sure to use the #foodshedcoop hashtag or tag @foodshedcoop in your pictures so we can find and like them
  • Get your own custom "OWN it" graphic (see above) and share it everywhere!