Tell it! with Email

Sharing your story online or electronically is a great way to introduce your family, friends and neighbors to your Food Shed Co-op. Whether you decide to send an  email, post your story in a Facebook update, share a Tweet or post a photo in Instagram - you are helping to open the doors to YOUR grocery store!

To help you prepare to send an email, here are two simple steps to help get your message across:

  1. Fill in the blank: My co-op is ____ because
  2. Write 3 ending statements

My co-op is ____
because A: ____
because B: ____
because C: ____

Example: My co-op is the real change we need...

  • because it supports local farmers!
  • because it supports local farmers and is owned by the community!
  • because it supports local farmers, is owned by the community, and will provide the foundation for local resilience initiatives!

Sample Subject Lines

Feel free to use one of these or be creative and have fun!

  • Why I Became a Food Shed Co-op Owner
  • Become an Owner of Food Shed Co-op with me
  • I just helped to start a food co-op!
  • I’m building a shed - a Food Shed!

Example Email

[Insert your own greeting.]

I know you are interested in [organic food / gardening / Farmer's Markets / local food / etc.] and I wanted to share some information about a start-up food co-op that needs our help to open soon. The Food Shed Co-op is a community-owned grocery store and I am so [excited / proud / thrilled / etc.] to have become a Founding Owner. The Food Shed Co-op has purchased land right on RT 14 (on the corner of RT 14 and Lake Shore Drive - directly across from Shadowview Brewery) and is planning to build a community-owned grocery store focused on local and organic-like, healthy food, which will offer a unique grocery experience unlike anything else here locally.

The Food Shed will differ from traditional grocery stores in several important ways. Imagine a grocery store that...

  • Sells fresh food from local farmers
  • Keeps profits in the local community
  • Clearly labels its products
  • Has healthy, natural food and meals for your family
  • Educates our community about healthy living
  • Gives back to the community

I became a Founding Owner because [fill in reasons why you became an Owner.] If you are as excited as I think you are, I would love if you would join me as a Founding Owner. Please visit our very website at Oh, and don't be afraid to forward this note to anyone else that may be interested. Let us be the change we want to see!