Tracy Bordis (2023-2025)

Tracy has tapped into her life experiences growing up with healthy food to foster better food choices for our local community.  She has a deep personal mission to get the Food Shed Coop up and running.

“I grew up in Illinois on an acre where my dad tended to the fruit trees and my mom cared for the garden.  Us five children were always involved.  We picked strawberries in spring and ate jam on our toast all year long. We pressed apples in fall and the neighbor kids came to help.  Our family made the best cider.  The county fair was a big ordeal in our family, mom started planning when the catalogs came in the mail over the winter and grew her seedlings under lights in the basement.    She was so proud of her entries and won lots of ribbons.  To this day I still love the smell of damp soil.”

Tracy is committed to teach others about the cooperative model and will use her knowledge to inspire others and build connections for the Food Shed Coop. 

“I attended community college before heading off to The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington which is where I discovered my first Food Cooperative.  Shopping, attending community or educational events there made me feel connected.” 

She is continuously looking for ways to tap into her long-standing career that will contribute to building resilience in the community.